"Dad check out this cool museum exhibit we should go while we have time."

"You really want to go see peeled animals?"

"Dad… I do that for a living."

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One heck of a lucky find to skin today! Who wants to try and ID this gorgeous specimen?

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I helped tag vultures for the first time ever. It is a smell I will never forget.

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Very blurry action shots but we found day old nestlings! They were too young to band but we made sure to do a head count - five little wriggling pinkies.

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The only downside to banding babies is all the mites that end up crawling all over you. I feel a bit bad for the Starbucks patrons who are watching me twitch and scratch in the corner of the store.

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Banded baby purple martins today! Pretty sure we ended up doing 150 by the end - which is only warm ups for Monday. Here’s one of the poles before and after - the adults were pretty curious to see how their babies were doing.

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Looks like it’s still a bit rattled but it was flying around in the box which made me think it was ready. Went right into thick cover so I’m hoping it’s just getting over the shock of being scooped up and put in a box. Definitely going to keep an eye out for it.

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Fledgling is upright in the box now! It refused to stand up at first and I was getting very worried.

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Fledgling just hit my window pretty hard, I’ve got it boxed up with some towels on the back porch. It doesn’t seem to have any injuries, but I can’t count for internal. I’m hoping that because it hit the screened window it’ll pull through. 

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